The Hawes of
Dekalb and Jackson Counties, Alabama
Missouri Mays "Jude" Hawes
(1846 - 1890)

Rose Palestine "Pat" Hawes Presley
(1881 - 1964)

Idella Estella "Ida" Hawes Williams
(1877 - 1960)
  Brothers and sisters of Pat and Ida...
John Anderson
(1863 - 1925)

Jefferson Monroe
(1865 - 1936)

Mary Ellen
(1867 - 1960)

Martha V. "Sweet"
(1869 - 1957)

Eliza Jane
(1871 - ?)

Charley C.
(1879 - ?)

(1880 - ?)

Jesse Lawrence
(1884 - 1971)

Rebecca "Becky"
(1887 - 1952)

(1887 - ?)

Missouri "Zou"
(1890 - ?)
This web site is dedicated to our grandmothers, Rose Palestine "Pat" Hawes Presley and Idella Estella "Ida" Hawes Williams.

The roots of the Hawes family run deep into the fertile farmland of Sand Mountain. The seeds were first sown when Sampson Haws moved his family into the area from Floyd County, Kentucky. Sampson and his family were, no doubt, typical of most homesteading families during this period of history. The removal of Native American tribes from their homelands had opened up vast, fertile lands, which became available to "white" homesteaders. These pioneer families were very often headed by "younger sons," who having no inheritance of their own, left the areas of their birth in order to create their own legacies. Most took little more than their hopes and dreams with them to their new homes. Although Sampson did not stay in DeKalb County, but returned to Kentucky, at least two of his sons, Jefferson, our great-great-grandfather, and Samuel, chose to stay. Jefferson married a local girl, Mary Ann McCurdy, and the roots they established via their only child George Washington Haws, have abundantly flourished through their 13 children. Their descendants are numerous, and many still live in the same area of Sand Mountain today.

__ Susan Presley Laney, November 23, 1999


Hawes Narrative

McCurdy Narrative

Descendants of Samuel Haws

Descendants of John McCurdy

Ancestors of Ida and Pat Hawes

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George W. Haws Pension Papers

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Family Stories


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