Jefferson Haws Civil War Papers

Susan Presley Laney obtained the following papers from the NARA.

1. Volunteer Enlistment
Jefferson Haws volunteered on September 10, 1863, at Stevenson, Alabama, to serve as a soldier in the Army of the U.S.A. for the period of one year. The Volunteer Enlistment form states his age as "forty fore" and that he has black eyes, dark hair, dark complexion, and is five feet ten inches high.

Jefferson Haws' name is written in four places on the form. At the first place, the name appears to be spelled "Hause." At the second place, it appears that the name was first spelled "Hause," then corrected to "Haws." The third place name appears to be spelled "Haws," but the copy has the final letter(s) cut off. The spelling is unclear in the fourth place because the copy has the signature cutoff. It is very likely that only the name in the third place is Jefferson Haws's actual signature. The other names were probably written by someone else, which may explain the differing spellings.

2. Record of Death and Interment
"Name and number of person interred: Jefferson Haws
Number and locality of the grave: 6960 City Cemetery *
Hospital number of the deceased: (499) Cumberland General
Regiment, rank, and company: Private, Co. B, 1st Ala. Cav.
Residence before enlistment: Jackson County, Ala.
Conjugal condition: Married, widow resides in Stephenson, Ala.
Cause of death: Cardiack Dropsey
Age of the deceased: 46 years
Nativity: Kentuckey
References and remarks: (Wife) Address, Mary A. Haws, Stephenson, Ala.
Date of death and burial: March 28th, 1864
Effects: 1 Hat, 1 Pr. Boots, 1 Packer Book, and $1.40 in U.S. Currency"

3. Record of Death and Interment (Copy)
The copy has the same information as the previous document, except without the "Effects" section. The bottom section of this document states,
"To Brig. Genl. C.L. Thomas, Adj. Genl. U.S.A,
Sir: It becomes my duty to inform you that the person above described died at this Hospital as stated; and that it is desired his remains should be interred with the usual military honors.
Respectfully, C. McDermont, Surgeon, U.S.
Military Hospital, Cumberland, Nashville, Tenn."

4. Report
This document appears to be an attempt to verify that Jefferson Haws belonged to Co. B, 1st Ala. Cav.

Transcription of the lefthand side:
"Respectfully referred to the C.O. Co. B for Report
by order (signed) A. W. Elmon, Adj.
In the field Georgia, 20th May 1864
Qrs Blu [?] 1st Ala. Cav., 20 May '64
No such man has ever belonged to this organization
(signed) E. B. Weist [?]
Capt. 1 Ala. Cav. [?]"

Transcription of the righthand side:
"Cumb. Hospital, Nashville, June 16/64
Respectfully returned:
This man reported himself as belonging to Co. B 1st Ala. Cav. and a Sergt now on duty here remembers the fact. He may have been a recruit who never joined his command. We often have such cases giving rise to similar discrepancies in the reports.
(signed) C. McDermont, Surg. [?] in charge"

5. Discharge Paper
"I certify, on honor, that Jefferson Haws, a private, Captain George F. Allen Company B of the 1st Regiment of Independent Volunteers, of the United States of America, born in (blank), State of Kentuckey, aged 44 years; 5 feet 10 inches high; dark complexion, blue eyes, dark hair, and by occupation a farmer, having joined the company [at] its original organization at Stevenson, Ala., and enrolled in it at the muster in [to] the service of the United States at Stevenson, Ala., on the 10th day of September 1863, for the term of one year and having served HONESTLY and FAITHFULLY with his Company in the 1st Indpt [?] to the present date, is now entitled to a DISCHARGE by reason of Death at [Cumberland] Hospital on the 28th Day of March 1864."

The said Jefferson Haws was last paid by Paymaster Maj. Bell, to include the 31st day of October, 1863, and [?] pay due him from that time to the present date. He has received $47.51 advanced by the United States on account of clothing.
Given in Duplicate, at Stevenson, Ala. this 1st day of June, 186[4], George F. Allen, Captain"

6. Company Muster Rolls
This document consists of four muster rolls for Jefferson Haws, Pvt, Co. B, 1 Reg't Ala. & Tenn. Indpt. Vidette Cav. The first roll, the Muster-in Roll, shows that Jefferson enrolled for duty on Sept 10, 1863 at Stevenson, Ala. The second roll shows that Jefferson was present for muster on Oct. 31, 1863. The third roll shows that Jefferson was absent (sick in hospital at Nashville, Tenn.) on Feb. 29, 1864. The fourth roll is the Muster-out Roll, dated June 16, 1864. It shows his age as 44 years, and that he died at Columbia [should be "Cumberland"] Hospital March 28, 1864.

* Telephone calls to the Nashville Metropolitan Historical Society in late December, 1999, determined that Jefferson Haws does not appear on their list of people buried in the Nashville City Cemetery. However, Susan believes Jefferson Haws is buried there as indicated by the Record of Death and Interment documents. She is continuing the search for his physical burial site.


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