Hawes& Presley Photos

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  Rose (Rosa) Ann Jones McCurdy, our great-great-great-grandmother, wife of Elijah McCurdy, Jr. and mother of Jefferson Hawes wife, Mary McCurdy. (this image recently rediscovered)
  Missouri Mays "Jude" Hawes,
our great-grandmother
  This is believed to be a photo of George Washington Hawes, Jude's husband, and our great-grandfather. The unusual pose is thought to show allegiance to the Union.
  Another photo believed to be of George Washington Hawes. The team of mules is pulling a hay cutter.
  Rose Palestine "Pat" Hawes Presley, Susan's grandmother
  Pat's husband, William Leonard "Bill" Presley, Susan's grandfather
  Rose Palestine Hawes
  Bill and Pat with tools of their trades
  Bill (on left) and a fellow workman
  Bill (sitting on rock)
  John Presley, Ida Williams, Pat and Bill Presley, and John's wife Becky (in front). The three women are Hawes sisters. John and Bill are brothers.
  Pat, Ida, John, and Becky
  Rebecca and Pat
  Pat and Bill
  Lucinda Presley (Bill Presley's mother) with two of her grandchildren: William and Lillian.
  Anderson Hawes, son of Jefferson Monroe.
  "Sweet" and her husband Jerome Houser and baby Claude
  Eliza Jane and her husband Tom Shaw
  Closeup of Eliza Jane
  A young Jesse Hawes and an unknown woman
  Jesse Hawes, later in life
  Jesse's wife, Mollie Eaton Hawes, and baby Lawrence. Mollie was the daughter of Viney Williams and Sam Eaton. Viney was Jake Williams' (Ida's husband) sister. So, Ida's brother Jessie married her niece Mollie.
  Missouri Hawes Christopher with baby Miles.
  "Uncle Nat" McCurdy and his family. Nathaniel Warren McCurdy, Jr. married Vianna Mayes, sister of Missouri Mayes Haws. Vianna then was Pat's aunt and Nathaniel was her uncle by marriage. Nathaniel and Mary Ann McCurdy (Jefferson Haws' wife) were first cousins, so "Uncle Nat" was also Pat's first cousin, twice-removed. Nathaniel and Vianna had 10 children (all shown in this photo). They had 9 girls until they finally produced a boy. See Descendants of John McCurdy for the names of the children.
  Unknown group
  Unknown group
  Unknown group in front of a log cabin.
  Closer view of unknown group
  Sunday School group of Sulfur Springs, late 1890s or early 1900s.
  Close-up of left side of Sunday School photo.
  Second close-up, includes an unidentified boy and girl from the previous "log cabin" photo.
  Third close-up.
  Fourth close-up, includes several certain and several tentative identifications.

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