Wickham Park Bike Ride
Thursday, 18 Mar 2004

Meet at 7:30 a.m. at the east end of the boat launch area parking lot on Eau Gallie Causeway (near east end of causeway, southside). Ride bikes to Wickham Park, ride paved and limestone roads within park, ride the bike paths around the park perimeter, ride to Fat Boy's on Wickham Rd. for breakfast, then ride back to the causeway parking lot. (See overview map.)

The ride is about 20 miles long and will take about 2-1/2 hours, including a couple of rest stops and breakfast.

For those that do not want to ride so far (or so high), you can drive to Wickham Park and meet us at 8:00 a.m. at the park entrance. (It takes about 30 minutes to ride from the causeway parking lot to Wickham Park.)

West on Eau Gallie Causeway.
Right on Pineapple to its end at US 1 (sidewalk/bike path almost all the way to US 1).
Cross US 1 (at traffic light) to Parkway Drive.
Continue west on bike path on southside of Parkway Drive (crossing Stewart Av.).
At Croton Rd., the bike path switches from southside to northside of Parkway.
Continue west to Wickham Park.
Right into Wickham Park entrance (see park map).
Ride 4.2 miles inside park on paved/limestone roads (see park route).
Exit park and turn left on Parkway to begin a CCW circumnavigation of park & BCC.
Left at Croton.
Left at Post.
Left at Wickham.
Continue south on Wickham (past Parkway & Lake Washington).
Stop at Fat Boy's (1.4 mi. s. of Parkway) for breakfast (see menu).
(Caution: the menu is 2 yrs old, so prices are probably not current!)
Leave Fat Boy's and head north, back to Parkway Dr.
Right on Parkway Dr.
Continue east on Parkway Dr., crossing Croton, Stewart, and US 1.
Right on Pineapple.
Left on Eau Gallie Causeway Rd., cross bridge, and return to parking lot.


Last modified 9 Mar 04