Day 9, Monday, June 11

Ride from Balatonszemes to Szántód,
ferry to Tihany and back, and then by coach to Tengelic

P1010396 P1010398 P1010401 P1010413 P1010402 P1010405
P1010410 P1010407 P1010408 P1010411 P1010421 P1010426
P1010428 P1010431 P1010432 P1010415 P1010435 P1010439
P1010440 P1010441 P1010430 P1010429 P1010442 P1010443
P1010466 P1010438 P1010449 P1010460 P1010447 P1010465
P1010468 P1010472 P1010473 P1010474 P1010475 P1010477
P1010478 P1010480 P1010484 P1010485 P1010487 P1010491
P1010492 P1010495 P1010496 P1010499 P1010500 P1010506
P1010502 P1010504 P1010505 P6110336 P1010508 P1010509
P1010512 P1010513 P1010514 P1010516 P1010518 P1010519
P1010521 P1010522 P1010527 P1010528 P1010529 P1010530
P1010531 P1010534 P1010535 P1010536 P1010538 P1010539
P1010541 P1010542 P1010543 P1010550 P1010554 P1010555
P1010557 P1010578 P1010565 P1010571 P1010574 P1010576
P1010579 P1010581 P1010583 P1010645 P1010641 P1010586
P1010589 P1010591 P1010592 P1010610 P1010595 P1010602
P1010607 P1010611 P1010612 P1010618 P1010616 P1010617
P1010628 P1010631 P1010633 P1010642 P1010646 P1010649
P1010650 P1010652 P1010653 P1010655 P1010656 P1010657
P1010658 P1010659