Each day bike riding, Beverly composed a poem (while riding!) for the sweep of the day. However, on the last day of riding, Beverly was the sweep. Fortunately, two substitute poets stepped up and paid poetical tribute to Beverly:

Dan decided to take the bus.
Which means that he surely is smarter than us!
Then Peter decided that Beverly should take care of us.

Being the Sweep on the last day.
Certainly deserves extra pay.
But, alas, we have spent all of our Euros on apple cake and shlog,
So all we can do is give Beverly a rousing cheer!
And then chip in to buy Beverly a beer!

  -- Margot

This morning Peter made Beverly his sweep
A decision it seems that made our hearts leap.
The last day of riding, no one will get lost,
Bev will secure us, no matter the cost.
No tele to connect the end to the lead,
Reg was assigned to be messenger stead.
He gallantly rode by Bev's side most the day.
Til' he tipped his hat to Terry and went on his way.
Terry soon made way for Grandpa Freddy.
Bev, did you say he was the best of the three?
Ken took his place with Bev for a bit.
He wanted a piece of her smile and a share of her wit.
Beverly, Beverly, in spite of the flat,
To you my dear, we take off our hats.
It was a warm sunny day, not a drop of rain...
Perhaps I'm hallucinating from the cold and my pain.
If this in not the way you remember it happened,
Simply, close your eyes and make an imagine.

  -- Trish


And here are Beverly's post-ride poems and clever riddles:

We pedaled together for 276 miles,
Through wind, rain, and hail, we wore (mostly) smiles.
We survived Italy's heat,
Circumvented cow pies,
Mindful of Peter's story
Of one unfortunate biker's demise.

We were thrilled by a master musician
Playing a violin made by Stradivari.
Watching Trish's reaction was almost as good,
As hearing the sounds from that high quality wood.

If you can correctly answer,
The (mostly) rhymed riddles below,
You might win the grand prize:
An IBT trip to cycle in snow.

WARNING: All answers may not be used; some answers may be used more than once, and some items do not require an answer.

POSSIBLE ANSWERS: Ann, Beverly, Cathy, Conny, Daniel, Don, Fred, Garrett, Janet, Joan, Ken, Margot, Paul, Peter, Rae, Reg, Terry, Trish, and Wayne

1. When _______ muttered, "This trip is for the birds,"
It was not a complaint, but a clever play on words.

2. While _____ 's cycling can be described as tenuous and cautious,
She was amazingly persistent and, without exception, gracious.

3. ____ teaches college students to write,
To formulate both a stem and a root.
After this vacation she will be much better able
Their grammatical errors "to up with put."

4. We waited patiently (though we did whine, moan and complain),
Because we knew we would treasure the photos taken by __________.

5. When _____ was conceived,
There was a thunderous crack,
And a voice was heard to say,
"Make a big back!"

6. He cycled fast with style and ease,
You couldn't stay ahead a' him.
You'd never know ________
Had two knees of titanium.

7. _______ remains understandably suspicious,
Since for many years he spied,
But when we asked him some questions,
He answered, "That's classified."

8. ____ "used up" four assistant sweeps on the last day,
Perhaps the flat tire was punishment for acting that way.

9. During this trip, she got a new moniker.
She started the trip as _____,
But at the end, Grandma was what we called her.

10. Why she left Arizona to bicycle in humidity, cold and rain,
Is something only ________ could possibly try to explain.
She didn't get the right order in the Po River Incident.
But I think it was Terry who did it, Fred looked totally innocent!!!

11. In a red shirt, she rode with confidence, strength and speed.
When she passed her husband, he was proud to see her take the lead.
And her name defies rhyming, dammit!
Can you find a word that rhymes with _________?

12. ____ was assigned even more corners than were assigned to Reg,
When he wanted to take the bus rather than ride, he had to beg.
This man seemed quite generous (at least a large bar bill looms),
Cuz all of us answered, "I'm in 217," when asked for our rooms

13. She should be a model for Travel Smith, ______ was dressed so fine.
Besides being petite and charming,
Her clothes were color coordinated in rain, hail and sunshine.

14. When we needed help understanding what was being said,
We'd look for _____, cuz he is both well traveled and well read.

15. If you saw a blond ponytail and heard a mischievous laugh,
It was undoubtedly ________, riding by you on the path.

16. Upon request, _______ explained things to us
Like the physics of generating energy and
The advantages of riding in the bus.

17. Since being a fireman no longer requires so many hours,
_____ plans many adventures, including bike tours.
(It doesn't rhyme but looks like it does, huh?)

18. Reg was "directionally challenged," the first day he announced.
The leader rolled his eyes, wondering if he could get him bounced.
But Reg became our poster boy, riding toward the front very fast,
Mischievously looking over his shoulder as ____ he passed.

19. Two cyclists might answer to the name of Dr. _________,
And they both teach college courses that are hypothetical.

20. Have you ever noticed that tests
Have an even number of items for better or worse?
It's even true of this one
Otherwise you'd think I'd run out of verse.