Pennsylvania Trip
23 October - 4 November, 2001

Bright Autumn Colors
Red Maple Leaf
Pumpkins & Vineyard
Dried Flowers
Sugar Maple
Oak Leaves
Oak Tree

Squirrel (Red?)
Dragonfly (Mr & Mrs)
Chickadee at feeder
Striped Skunk
Ruffed Grouse
Beaver (signs)

Club Moss (Ground Pine)
Pitcher Plant
Strawberry Bush
Witch Hazel Tree
Witch Hazel Blossoms
Tamarack (or Larch, a cone-bearing tree that is not evergreen)
Honey Locust (thorny trunk)
Mystery Plant

Late Autumn Woods
Gravel Road
Raccoon Creek SP1
Raccoon Creek SP2
J in Park
Ghostly Sycamore

Grand Canyon Pan (from east rim; Pine Creek at bottom)
Grand Canyon (from east rim)
Pine Creek Vista (from west rim; light snow falling)
J at Tidiotue Overlook
Alleghengy River Overlook

Muted Autumn Colors
Fallen Leaves
Wild Rose Hips
Raspberry Leaves
Wild Grape (Presque Isle, Lake Erie)
Staghorn Sumac
Field of Wildflowers (gone to seed)
Seedheads 1
Seedheads 2
Seedheads 3 (Presque Isle, Lake Erie)

Covered Bridges
Bridges south of Catawissa
Bridge 1 (over Roaring Creek, near Queen City)
Bridge 2 (over Roaring Creek, west of Queen City)
Bridge 3 (over South Branch, Parr's Mill)

Bridges near Mifflinburg
Bridge 4 (over Buffalo Creek)
Bridge 5 (over Buffalo Creek, side view)
Bridge 5 (with reflection)
Bridge 5 (inside view of arch)
Bridge 5 (end view; the sign reads "Any person riding or driving at any other gait than a walk, or driving more than 15 head of cattle, or carrying fire in any way over this bridge are subjected to a fine of Thirty Dollars.")

Bridge near Logan Mills
Bridge 6 (over Fishing Creek, near Amish farm)

Horseless Buggy
Horse & Buggy (crossing road; father, mother & baby)
Horse & Buggy (in parking lot)
Barn & Apple Wagon
Amish Farmstand & Store (Green Ridge)

Farm Lands
Farm 1
Farm 2
Farm 3
Farm 4
Farm 5
Farm 6
Farm 7

Slovak Folk Performers
We ended our Pennsylvania tour at the Czech-Slovak Genealogical Society Conference held at the Pittsburgh airport Hyatt. The Slavjane (Slav-YAN-eh) Folk Ensemble, school students from the Pittsburgh area, performed the last night of the conference. The performances mostly represented the Carpatho-Rusyn folk culture.
Dancers 1
Singers 1 ("Old MacDonald Had a Farm," Rusyn version)
Dancers 2
Singers 2
Dancers 3 (not enough boys, so this "boy" is a girl!)
Dancers 4
Dancers 5 (the finale)

Elisha McCurdy
While searching for a covered bridge, I happened upon this historical site in Florence, west of Pittsburgh. Elisha McCurdy was the brother of my gggg-grandfather, Elijah McCurdy. The lineage is Elijah; Elijah, Jr; Mary Ann McCurdy, who married Jefferson Haws; George Washington Haws; and my grandmother Ida Hawes, who married Jake Williams. Elisha was known as the "Father of Presbyterianism on the Lake Shore" (Lake Erie). He founded Presbyterian churches throughout western Pennsylvania and fought in the Revolutionary War. The grave monument was erected by "Wm. Macurdy Bailey in honor of his mother, Mathilda Macurdy."
Historical Marker
Grave Site 1
Grave Site 2
Grave Site 3

Presque Isle Lighthouse
Kinzua Viaduct (in distance, through misty rain)
Kinzua Viaduct, Closeup (this was the highest and longest railroad bridge in the world at the time of its construction in 1882)
Bog (at Black Moshannon SP, one of the few bogs remaining in PA)
J at Winery
W & Witchhazel
W & Sugar Maple