Panhandle, Day 3

Wednesday, Oct 10

After breakfast in the Lodge, we visit Lake Talquin State Park, west of Tallahassee. The lake was formed when the Ocklockonee River was dammed in 1927 for hydroelectric power. Gnats are unbearable down by the lake, so we take a 1.1-mile hike through the woods, north of the lake. We pick up sandwiches at the Piggly Wiggly in Bristol and then head south to Ocklockonee State Park. Find a lot of wildflowers along the road into the park. Red-cockaded woodpeckers have nest cavities in many of the live pine trees in the park. Trees with nest cavities are marked with white bands. A light rain falls while we eat our picnic lunch at a shelter near the shore of the Ocklockonee River. We see a deer on the way out. Dinner at the Lodge.

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3-522-ock-deer 3-524-ock-blue-mistflower