Panhandle, Day 5

Friday, Oct 12

We awake to a very chilly 48-deg. F morning. After breakfast at the motel, we put on our sweat jackets and visit Falling Waters State Park, south of Chipley, near I-10. Due to the recent drought, no water is falling today. In wetter times, a small creek plunges 73 ft into a 100-ft deep sink hole. We hike several short trails and photograph more wildflowers. Found a new one: Scarlet Morning Glory. After the park, we stop at the Bristol Piggly Wiggly again for sandwiches and eat them in the store parking lot. From there we head towards home, stopping along the way to visit the Cracker Homestead in Perry. We stop for the evening in Chiefland, staying at the Holiday Inn Express again. Dinner at Bells Steak House. Cheap, lots of food, but not recommended.

5-278-fw-sink 5-271-fallingwaters-buckeye 5-285-fw-blue-mistflower 5-288-fw-trail 5-294-fw-deer
5-295-fw-skullcap 5-300-fw-goldenrod-spider 5-304-fw-blue-mistflower 5-311-fw-hillside-flowers 5-322-fw-yellow
5-345-fw-redmaple-leaves 5-347-fw-redmaple-leaf 5-348-fw-redmaple-leaflitter 5-359-fw-3deer 5-360-fw-2deer
5-374-fw-mintq 5-379-fw-dog-fennel 5-380-fw-morningglories 5-381-fw-scarlet-mg-fence 5-363-fw-scarlet-mg
5-388-fw-beautyberry 5-392-forest-homestead_1 5-395-forest-bedroom 5-397-forest-bedroom2 5-398-forest-baby
5-402-forest-kitchen 5-403-forest-outhouse 5-405-forest-fence-lizard 5-412-forest-barn 5-413-forest-cane-grinder