10th Annual Czecho-Slovak Picnic

Wickham Park, Melbourne, Florida
Mar 14, 2010

I have put this year's photos (183 of them) on a Shutterfly website, mainly to allow the photos to be viewed as a slideshow. You can order prints from the website. All images are 1024x685 pixels, which is sufficient resolution for high-quality 5x7-in prints. You do not need to register or sign in to view the slideshow. If you want copies of particular images or if you have any questions, please contact me: wmatchett@cfl.rr.com

Instructions for viewing the slide show:

1. To get started, click here.

2. Click View Album (right-hand side below image).

3. Click Play Slideshow (right-hand side above gallery).

4. Click Options (upper right) if you want to adjust speed, background color, etc.

4. Select Full Screen if you want the images to show full screen.

Wayne Matchett