Withlacoochee State Trail

The Withlacoochee State Trail is a long, narrow state park, 46 miles in length with an average width of 100 feet. The 12-foot wide black top surface is paved with a mixture of asphalt and crumb rubber, derived from over 10,000 recycled automobile tires from the Polk County landfill. The trail corridor, comprised of land formerly owned by CSX railroad, is now operated by the state. The trail takes its name from the region's most outstanding natural feature, the nearby Withlacoochee River.
     The trail starts (north end) in Citrus Springs (south of Dunellon) and runs south-southwest through Holder, Hernando, Inverness, Floral City, Istachatta, Nobleton, Croom, Ridge Manor, and ends just south of Trilby.
     Since this trail uses an old RR bed, the trail is nearly flat, with a few gentle grades. The trail has numerous bends, so it is not a monotonous, straight-as-an-arrow ride. Much of the trail is not shaded, so bring sun screen. In late Feburary many native trees and shrubs along the trail are in full bloom (red bud, plum, cherry, black haw viburnum, rough-leafed dogwood). Yellow jessamine, a native trailing vine, is also in peak bloom and fragrance.

Overview Maps

B&W (from the WST Trail Guide & Resource Book, produced by Rails-to-Trails of the Withlacoochee)

Detail Maps (from the WST Trail Guide)

p5 Citrus Springs, Gulf Junction Trailhead, Miles 1 & 2
p7 South Citrus Springs, Citrus Springs Trail Head, Miles 3-6
p9 South Holder, Miles 7-9
p11 Hernando, Miles 10-13
p13 Inverness, Miles 14-17
p15 Detail, Old Downtown Inverness
p17 South Inverness, Miles 18-20
p19 Floral City, Miles 21-24
p21 South Floral City, Miles 25-28
p23 Istachatta/Nobleton, Miles 29-32 (Townsen Lake Reg. Park)
p25 North Croom, Miles 33-36
p27 South Croom, Miles 37-39
p29 Ridge Manor, Ridge Manor Trail Head, Miles 40-43
p31 Trilby, Trilby Junction Trail Head, Miles 44-46

Miscellaneous Stuff

Photos of Inverness Trailhead and downtown Inverness, 30 Jan 04
Photos from ROMEO WST ride, 28 Feb 2004
Photos from ROMEO WST ride, 26 Feb 2005
Tourist map of Inverness
WST, Outdoor Travels (website includes a cycling video and lots of photos)

ROMEOs Ride the WST, 22 Feb 2001

Wild Plum

Yellow Jessamine

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