Hawes/Haws Genealogy
Jim Hawes' web site. "This page is about the Hawes - Haws family in early Kentucky & Beyond"
  Descendants of Donald McCurdy
Jim Pyne's web site; includes Petheric McCurdy; carries descendants down to John McCurdy (b. abt. 1735), m. Mary Fox.
  Descendants of John McCurdy
"Jen's McCurdy Family," prepared by Jennifer Whiteford. Gives descendants of John McCurdy/Mary Fox
  McCurdy Family History 1
The Salisbury Book, 1892. Collection of letters and other information on McCurdy family; published in 1892. Includes stories of the escape of Pethric (aka Patrick, Petheric) and his brothers from Scotland; mentions that they carried a ram in their boat, which is also mentioned in The Ancestral McCurdys by H. Percy Blanchard.
  McCurdy Family History 2
Written and compiled by D.E. McCurdy, about 1909
  McCurdy Family History 3
Written and compiled by D.E. McCurdy, prior to 1917
  Stewart Society
Information on Stewart people, places, events, lineage, heraldry. Select Famous Stewarts /Stewards/Marjorie Bruce for the story of Princess Marjorie and the birth of her son, Robert, the first Stewart king of Scotland.
  Robert II Short biography of King Robert II (Stewart) of Scotland.
Bess of Hardwick
  Bess of Hardwick Biography of Bess, England's second lady during Elizabethan times
  Chatsworth One of Bess' mansions
Other Ancestors
  The Rev. John Harris Lengthy biography of the Rev. John Harris, Presbyterian minister and Revolutionary patriot.
  1st Ala. & Tenn. Independent Vidette Cavalry Provides a brief history of the 1st Alabama & Tennessee Vidette Cavalry (Jefferson and George W. Haws were members, Company B). Rosters of Companies is provided (George W. Haws is shown incorrectly as "George M. Haws.")
  U.S. Cemeteries Tombstone transcriptions. Select a state, then select a county.
  Alabama Cemeteries Tombstone transcriptions. Select a county, then select a cemetery.
  Caperton Chapel Cemetery Tombstone transcriptions for Caperton Chapel Cemetery.
  Wheeler Cemetery Listing of tombstone transcriptions for Wheeler Cemetery.
  Cyndi's List Cyndi's list of genealogy sites; more than 50,000 links.
  Family Tree Maker Popular genealogy web site.
  Family Search LDS genealogy web site.

Hawes Narrative
McCurdy Narrative
Descendants of Samuel Haws
Descendants of John McCurdy
Ancestors of Ida and Pat Hawes
Hawes & Presley Photographs
Hawes & Williams Photographs
George W. Haws Pension Papers
Jefferson Haws Civil War Papers
Family Stories

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