Hawes/Williams Photos

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  Idella Estella "Ida" Hawes Williams is Wayne's grandmother and Jacob Lafayette "Jake" Williams is his grandfather. This is a photograph of a Williams family reunion taken at Jake and Ida's home in Fabius, Alabama, in 1906. All of the children of Jake's mother, Elizabeth Ann (Whitmore) Williams, are in this photograph.
  Jake's cousin Betty, his mother Elizabeth, Jake, Ida, Russell, and niece (possibly Myrtle Hawes, daughter of John and Mollie Hawes). Elizabeth is holding a small white flower in her hand. (abt. 1905)
  Nettie (Ida's sister), Jake, Ida, daughter Jessie (in her lap) and son Russell.
  Hauling crossties. The man on the left, holding papers, is the boss, Jerome Houser, Sweet's husband. Jake Williams is sitting on the wagon load of crossties. According to Ida's writing on the reverse side of this photograph, the other men are (left-to-right): John A. Goforth, Clarence Cox, unknown, and George Minton. Clarence Cox was probably the father of Carine Cox, who later married Frank Hawes (John Hawes son). George Minton was probably the father of Bennie Minton, who later married Frank Hawes' sister, Pearl. (abt. 1905)
  Masonic Ceremony. Jake Williams is standing on the front row, to the right of the block and tackle. John Hawes is standing behind Jake. The man to the left of the block and tackle, holding a ceremonial sword, is Arthur Wheeler, husband of Jake's sister, Flora. The hatless, balding man standing behind the 6th and 7th men on the front row is Jerome Houser, husband of Ida's sister "Sweet."
  Sulphur Springs school house, Union Church, and Masonic Hall, Fabius, Alabama. Wayne's mother went to school here. She remembers it as a Methodist Church.
  Jake standing in his field of tall corn on his farm near Hampton, Florida.
  Ida in her garden, near Hampton, Florida.
  Mary Ellen Hawes Ross, Rebecca ("Becky") Hawes Presley, Mollie Williams Hawes, Ida Hawes Williams, and Jake Williams. Mary Ellen, Becky, and Ida were sisters. Mollie was Jake's sister; she married Ida's brother, John Hawes. They were visiting the tourist attractions at St. Augustine, Florida. (1932)
  Jake and Ida at their second home on Sand Mountain. Under pressure from Ida, Jake sold the Hampton, Florida, farm in 1934 and moved back to Sand Mountain. Ida had asthma and eventually could not tolerate the cold weather in Alabama, so they returned to Hampton, Florida, in 1940.
  Jake, Ida, Joe Stoner, and Essie Williams Stoner (Jake's sister) at Jake and Ida's second home in Hampton, Florida. (abt. 1943)
  Sweet at her home in Starke, Florida, near Hampton. (1940's)
  This was one of the last pictures taken of Jake. (late 1940's)

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